27 avril 2009

Andrew Rogers, sculpter le désert

Ratio, pierre (?), 2004, Arava Desert, 32m x 8m (h)

"The desert of Arava in Israel is an arid desolate place, but for Australian sculptor Andrew Rogers, it's a source of inspiration. With the help of local architects and masons, the artist has created geoglyphs, massive land sculptures that are found in ancient cultures throughout the world. In a land which has seen the birth of religions and civilisations, stone has long been central to the relationship with God. Sacred stones represent a direct link with the divine but they're also the source of contention and conflict. This duality lies at the heart of Rogers's art. His aim is to celebrate the human spirit overcoming adversity. He is also interested in the relationship between the sculpture, the site and the environment. Most of his creations blend harmoniously into the landscape and can be best seen from the air while others tower dramatically over the surrounding desert. This beautifully shot film both reveals the original vision of an artist and the raw beauty of the Arava desert."
Commentaire enthousiaste à propos de la vidéo (YouTube) consacrée aux sculptures installées par Andrew Rogers dans le désert d'Arava (Israël); un peu trop "Dix Commandements" peut-être... : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNC-Bx24iZ0

Le site de l'artiste : http://www.andrewrogers.org/
Un article de "Sculpture Magazine" : http://www.sculpture.org/documents/scmag04/april04/rogers/rogers.shtml
Le prochain projet brésilien de Andrew Rogers : http://lanic.utexas.edu/project/etext/llilas/outreach/fulbright07/Amrhein_StudentProposals.pdf La page wikipedia : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrew_Rogers_(sculptor)

Un site consacré aux oeuvres de "grand fomat" vues du ciel : http://francais.gearthhacks.com/dlcat39/Words,-symbols,-artwork,-mazes-énorme.htm