25 octobre 2011

Allard van Hoorn : "Songlines", musiques "topographiques"

Il y a des créations où médias et techniques se fondent pour ouvrir de nouvelles voies... comme chez l'artiste néerlandais Allard van Hoorn au travers de ses "Songlines"

To enable the architecture to be listened to whenever needed, the site-specific structure of the Communities Section of the 2011 Gwangju Design Biennale, the On-Site Hub, was interpreted during a live performance as a musical score derived from its shape. Sound is generated using local elements of tradition, myth and folklore, in this case contemporary Korean dance creating an Urban Songline that will remain in the space.

A performance in which the seating blocks in front of the stage form a representation of the mountain Mudeungsan that functions as a refuge for the citizens of Gwangju from the trauma of the bloody student riots of May 18th 1980. Dancers improvise based on pictures taken on the mountain. Their field of operation is the mountain (outside) and the representation of the city (inside), keeping in mind the origins (5000 years ago) of Korean dance as a Shamanic practice.

Le site de l'artiste : http://www.allardvanhoorn.com/biography_005.asp
Ne manquez pas de découvrir les autres expériences "topossoniques" de l'artiste : http://vimeo.com/29556098

Merci à Troi Boglesseoure pour le lien.