29 juillet 2010

Bohyun Yoon, sculpteur de l'ombre

"Structure of Shadow", une oeuvre de Bohyun Yoon, artiste coréen très marqué par son passage à l'armée; l'oeuvre se veut une métaphore de l'emprise des pouvoirs sur les populations. (2009). Silicone, fil de fer, ampoule, détecteur de mouvement, moteur. Dimensions : 228 x 152 x 152 cm .
As soon as I entered the military in Korea, my superiors tried to brainwash all the new soldiers in regards to who our enemy is, why we have to obey them and so on. This training methodology and military law were very well structured and very effectively organized to control new troops. I was reading Michael Foucult’s “Discipline and Punish” in the military and this book is all about how Western governments have historically developed all kinds of punishments and penalties to control citizens in a very intellectual way. I could analyze the military system better through actually experiencing it. In the end, I felt that humans are weak and fragile, spiritless animals under certain rule, certain harsh conditions.
This work is an installation piece in which I present a mix of male and female toy-like rubber figures hung with strings marching in one direction, one after another. Hanging like puppets, the figures portray the idea of a group as opposed to an individual. A simple light and shadow trick is key in this work and becomes a metaphor for invisible power or tricks of politics in our society. When the viewer approaches the work, their weight makes this structure shake and all the figures dance.
Texte et photos de présentation de l'oeuvre sur le site de l'artiste : http://www.bohyunyoon.com/